«Technology Park «KALININGRAD»
The "Technology Park "KALININGRAD" project involves the deployment of several projects within the same territorial zone related to a common engineering communications system, optimal intra-territorial logistics, strategic management and the operational solution of any tasks within a common territory.

The development of the territory prior to the project "Technology Park "KALININGRAD" involves, at a minimum, the deployment of the following projects on a common territory:
  1. Plant for the production of small vessels /Compact shipyard/;
  2. Industrial metalworking complex;
  3. Experimental project-design bureau "RAGNIT".

Inclusion in the project "Technology Park "KALININGRAD" of projects:
- "THIRD MEASUREMENT" (first stage);
- The oil transshipment terminal (RAGNIT Oil Terminal) expands the potential of the "Technology Park "KALININGRAD" project to an area with a special management regime.
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