Yacht Marina Construction Project
Taking into account the unique natural and climatic features of the Primorsky Territory, work is underway to design a yacht marina with the location of at least 300 anchorages. The marina will meet the highest requirements: location, infrastructure, team facilities, planning and service, as well as environmental friendliness. Each pier of the marina will have its own water and electricity supply. The marina's fuel complex will be capable of supplying two types of fuel. Marina will have its own shipyard for repairing yachts of various classes. Several marina piers are provided for yachts over 55 meters in length. Marina's breakwaters provide natural protection from winds and rough seas.
Ashore, the crew and passengers of the yachts will have the opportunity to relax in modern hotels, visit restaurants, a shopping center and a play area. Marina is equipped with a helicopter landing site. Wi-Fi Internet access is expected throughout the marina.
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